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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Newsletter February 2011

Hello family and friends,

Andrey and I hope that the New Year has been treating you good so far! I guess everyone is back in the rat race. We are doing well. The schools here in Argentina closed middle December and some schools will only start again in March. For the tourism industry it is excellent news but I feel sorry for the poor parents. It is not always easy to entertain children for 3 months.

January was such a fun month! It all started with the Dakar 2011 that came past our Hostel again. It took us by surprise because we were not expecting the same route. The news spread quickly and we gathered a small group of South African, Russian and Argentinian supporters. Flags were waving outside and nothing could damper our spirits, not even the rain! We saw our favourite drivers and we had a blast! I managed to get hold of South African bike rider Albert Hintenaus. I mailed him the photos and he was so kind to forward me a Pdf document with his account of Dakar. If you want to read more about my Dakar experience please follow the link below.

My Dakar experience 2011!!!!!

Official Dakar photo: Bridge 300m from Hostel Tinktinkie

People often ask us if we meet interesting people. The answer: "Yes!". I think all people are interesting as we are all unique. But some people do stand out like Leonard Cohen. No he is not the famous singer Leonard Cohen but he is a very talented artists. Leonard and Elsa visited us last year when I was in South Africa and Andrey took these pictures. I drew everything from photos that he took. His work is truly remarkable.

Leonard drawing a picture that he took on a ranch close to us.

The picture in progress

A work of art!

In December we had Daniel and Juan Pedro from Buenos Aires here. They study insects! Needless to say they came to the right place because we don´t have a shortage of insects here! They have a fascinating job but nor something that I would like to do. I am terrified of all insects and they seek me can run but you cannot hide!

Daniel and Juan Pedro are having a fun moment at Dakar 2011
In January we had Patricia and her husband Marco here. Patricia is a very talented opera singer in Buenos Aires. She won a scholarship and will be training with some of the best singers for the next two years. One of her teachers is from Russia.
Marco and Patrica

The holiday season bring a lot of fun activities to town. We are looking forward to the Carnaval that will be taking place next weekend. It is not the size of the Rio Carnaval in Brazil but it is beautiful to watch. The people wear stunning outfits and they sure know how to entertain the crowds. The video clip below was taken last year.

We currently have a couple from Saint Petersburg, Russia here. They are looking to settle in Argentina within the next 6 months. They say the weather is too cold and they want to move to some place warmer. They like the Calamuchita valley and we wish them luck and hope they find something that they can call home.

We are still having beautiful weather and I love the summer! The river is running strong and after heavy rain we can hear the rush of the water. It is so beautiful. People often comment on how beautiful and bright the stars are. It is true. At night you can almost touch the stars. Our visitors love to sit outside at night and admire the stars. It is sad that in the big cities it is almost impossible to see the stars. How blessed we are!

God bless dear family and friends! We miss you guys stax!!! Until next month.

Andrey & Nelieta


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