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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pizza and movie night at Hostel tinktinkie

We decided early in the morning to make pizzas for our guests today. Now that we have our own bread maker we have discovered so many things to make with it, including our own pizza base! This is really delicious!

Pizza in Argentina can be a little boring so we normally add our own flair to make it more exciting. Mozzarella cheese,ham,olives, tomato paste, fresh tomatoes and garlic – and beer!

It was really good! We had a great time eating together and Luke and Sam mentioned that it felt like being at home with friends and family.

That is the atmosphere that we are trying to create at Hostel Tinktinkiebeing at home.

The guys were in the mood for a movie and seeing that we have British guests here we decided to watch In Bruges. This is one of our favorite movies and  Luke hadn't seen it.

We all had a good laugh and before we knew it the pizza and movie night was over!

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