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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Snow in July!

On Wednesday the weather changed rapidly and became very cold. I felt so sorry for Marina and Pablo who stayed here for a couple of days. It was so cold! The previous day they were enjoying the sunshine and made a nice braai (asado). But today was impossible, Temperatures dropped very quickly and the mountains were covered in snow. We made a fire in the fire place and curled up in front of it.

I was jumping up and down from joy when the first snow started to fall. It is snowing! It is snowing! But the snow was melting so quickly. It was not yet cold enough for the snow to glue together. Snow is really funny. First it falls down from the sky like ice rain. Then the snowflakes start to fall.. Then it melts and everything turns wet. Almost like when it is raining. But the smell in the air is different.

The rest of the day remained very cold and I was still hoping for a lot of snow to fall during the night. I want to build a snow man.

I am not used to snow, so the smallest hint that snow is approaching and I am like a child. I can imagine what children in Europe are like when they wait for the first snow to arrive. Our winter will only finish on 21 September; so maybe, just maybe I will still be able to build that snowman!

Nelieta & Andrey

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