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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A strange noise from the chimney

One morning we heard a noise coming from the chimney on the second floor. It was a strange hissing sound and I immediately knew there was something stuck inside the chimney. We were still building so it could have been anything. It couldn´t have been Santa because it was way too early for him to make an appearance!

Andrey wanted to put his head inside to see what it was but I didn´t think it was a good idea. Maybe it was a snake or a three eyed monster. He took my advice and opted for a mirror to have a better look. It was too dark and he couldn´t see anything.Then we took a stick and gently felt our way up the chimney. But the hissing sound just became louder and more angrier. We backed off.

I came up with the plan to make a small fire, not to roast the poor thing, but to smoke it out. Nothing!

We gave up. After a while we went back upstairs and then I saw it! Standing on the floor was a baby owl! It had the most beautiful, big eyes and he puffed his feathers and screeched at us as we got close.

We decided to catch it, put it in a box and set it free. But that was easier said than done. He was huffing and puffing and had us jumping all over the place. He had no intention of climbing into the box. We also didn´t want to upset him too much. He is after all a wild animal.

Eventually Andrey got close enough and gently let him into the box. He was the most adorable thing but they belong in nature. We set him free.

Immediately he flew away and sat on a pole looking at us. Almost like he was saying thank you.

We often see him here at the Hostel. He hasn´t grown much bigger - our little owl in the chimney!

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