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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Storms and strange weather

The weather this year has been strange to say the least. January 2012 was incredibly hot and humid. To make things worse the wind was also hot. No rain. February saw tropical storms and March have surprised us all with a lot of rain. We are entering the last days of summer and on 21 March Autumn will officially start.

Yesterday the wind picked up and when I looked outside the window I saw the sky turning black. This didin`t look good and I started to close all windows and shutters. A storm was coming our way.

It didn`t take long before buckets of rain started to pour down. We were playing cards in the kitchen and every now and then mopped the water up that was creeping through underneath the door.

The storm lasted for about an hour and just as sudden as it started, it stopped.

From outside the hostel we could hear the water rushing in the stream 50m from us. We rushed to go and have a look. We were astounded by the amounts of water that were in front of us. The water circled around small trees and looked angry. I didn`t want to be in this water.

We took some photos and decided to go down to the river to see what was happening there. Ad suspected the river had a `closed` sign, which meant cars, bikes and people cannot cross the river. It is too dangerous.

We stayed there for a while and then headed back to the Hostel. Amazing how the climate is changing and I suspect this will be a cold winter.

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