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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Exploring Santa Rosa de Calamuchita by bicyle

Guests at Hostel Tinktinkie love to explore the area around the hostel by bicycle. There are so many opportunities for cycling and people enjoy to be out in nature.

Whether you decide to explore the are close to the river, some dirt roads or mountain paths, you will not be disappointed!

One of the families that we have at the hostel rented bicycles for today. They have a little one of 4 years and I was very surprised to see a bicycle seat mounted at the back of the bicycle. What a clever idea and now the whole family can enjoy the day.

The bicycles that we organize are of a very good quality, light weight and well maintained. The owner personally delivers the bicycles to Hostel Tinktinkie and make seat adjustments where necessary.

I took some photos as everyone got ready. It is so nice to see people having fun and laughing! Personally I think the little one had the best seat!

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