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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Horses close to Hostel Tinktinkie!

I took a lovely walk this morning down to the river and was hoping to see the horses. We always have horses grazing in our area. They are not wild and will come up to the fence if you stand there long enough. I am a little scared of horses and will look at them from a distance.

When I came back, I saw them standing in the field. Curiously they watched me and it didn`t take them long to gallop to the fence to see what I had in my hand. Unfortunately for them it wasn`t food and they quickly lost interest and started to eat the green grass through the fence.

I remember one evening when we were still busy building Hostel Tinktinkie. It was really dark (we didn`t have street lights) and Andrey heard a noise outside. He opened the door and went around the corner to have a look.A huge white horse was standing outside. I am not sure who got the biggest fright..Andrey or the horse! We still laugh about this night.

I include a small video clip of the horses eating. Be sure to pay them a visit when you visit Hostel Tinktinkie!

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