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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Newsletter May 2011

Greetings from a cold Santa Rosa de Calamuchita! Andrey and I hope that you are doing well. Things are starting to wind down now that winter is approaching so news will be a little scarce.

Martin from Nuremberg, Germany arrived here for a couple of days in April. He ended up staying for more than a month! Martin decided to take some time off and tour South America on a motorbike for a year. He came with a cargo ship from Hamburg to Buenos Aires. Martin saw our Hostel on the internet and liked the idea of spending time, recuperating, in the countryside. Unfortunately he made the mistake, like many travellers, to go to Santa Rosa La Pampa first, instead of Santa Rosa de Calmuchita in Cordoba.

He is currently in Bolivia and will be seeing countries like Colombia,Peru, Brazil, the Amazon jungle, Chile and more. Martin has promised to come here next year April before he heads back to Germany.

With Martin here we used the opportunity to explore some towns nearby. In our line of business it is important to be up to date with museums and places to visit. Luckily the towns are close by so we can easily hop on a bus or the scooter and embark on an adventure. On one such a day we took a trip to Embalse were we´ve discovered a very interesting museum. We visited the Embalse Power plant, where our electricity is coming from and walked close to the lake.

Entrance to the Municipal Museum in Embalse
The museum is telling the history of Emblase

Walking at the Lake in Embalse
 We also visited our friends Hendrik and Laura in Alta Gracia. We had an amazing day and they are wonderful hosts. While we were in Alta Gracia, we paid a visit to the Che Museum. It was my second visit and a first for Andrey. I love this museum!

Our friends Hendrik and Laura with Andrey

Che´s motorbike which had been used in the movie "The Motorcycle diaries"

Grant and Martin arrived here for a weekend. They are both from the United States. Martin is studying for a pilot in Cordoba and Grant is working as a teacher in Rio Cuarto. Martin will go back to the States in November and Grant in July.

This coming weekend our town is hosting the annual Rally Argentina. It is not as huge as the Dakar but it passes 700m from Hostel Tinktinkie which is very exciting. We are looking forward to have a return visitor here this weekend.

A couple of nights ago a little cat walked into the kitchen when we opened the door. He is such a gorgeous little thing. We gave him some food and shelter and she quickly crawled into my heart. The problem with a stray cat is that you never know whether they will be staying or not.


We should be seeing snow soon on the mountains. That means cold…brrrr! I am not looking forward to that but it is Andrey´s favourite time of the year.

I am looking forward to be chatting to you all again next month!

God bless and wrap up warm.

Andrey & Nelieta

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