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Friday, September 7, 2012

After the rain

It rained a lot yesterday and the night before. This morning when we woke up the air was fresh and clean and all traces of dirt and have been washed away. I can start to smell spring in the air.

I went to photograph the roller-blade competition and on my way I stopped to take some photos of the river that is now flowing at a steady pace. How wonderful to see our river full of water again after the winter.

The Calamuchita Valley is so beautiful and I cannot wait for those warm sunny days to arrive!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Finally some rain..

When I lived and worked in Johannesburg I hardly ever paid notice to the changes in the climate. You always heard farmers complaining when it was not raining and the impact it had on their lifes. But now that I am living here and very close to nature, I can understand what they must have been going through. I apologize for my ignorance...

It is so easy to open a tap and you have water. You can use it for whatever you like, even waste it. But when you don't have water you tend to notice every drop that you use. Flushing toilets, washing dishes, watering plants and showering. Showering is the worst because you have to make it quick..and by quick, I mean really quick!

On a weekly basis we phone for water , which gets delivered in a big truck. We fill our 1000L tank. We also have a tank outside which belongs to our architect, mr. Rojas. Our architect is a wonderful man and if it was not for his help, we would have been stranded without water. Luckily his employee Paco, which is working for the municipality, helps us on weekly basis by bringing water. We pay him for his services. Mr. Rojas is also the architect for the municipality and he has contacts in the right places.

The past week has been terrible and the heat unbearable. We had temperatures ranging between 30-38 daily and the humidity fluctauted between 30%-70%. Walking out of the house was like walking into an oven and I am not kidding! The sun has burnt the grass to a strange yellow.

Today it finally started to rain. Soft drops that got soaked up immediately. A foggy mist was hanging over the mountains and you could hear the roaring of the thunder. They are forecasting rain for the next 10 days. Please God let it rain!

I love the smell of rain. I love rain..especially now.

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