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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Winter in the Calamuchita Valley

Andrey and I took a walk down to the river yesterday afternoon. It was our first walk since we came back from Russia. We missed most of the winter this year and in a month from now it will be Spring. I am looking forward to that.

Unfortunately we have to get through August and the winds that are blowing. Early morning and late afternoon are the best times to take a walk. No wind! But during the day is a different story. I have grown accustomed to the wind because we also have terrible August winds blowing in South Africa. Here in the valley it is a different kind of wind. It is icy!

 To get back to my walk. I love walking down to the river. It is only 300m from Hostel Tinktinkie and such a nice walk. It is still very dry but I was surprised to see that we have a lot of water in the river. We took some photos and I breathed the fresh and clean air. Roll on summer! Last night I posted this photo on our Facebook Fan Page and many of our visitors responded. I am including some of the responses here.
que hermoso!!!!!!! ya quiero volver y descanzar...
No podria poner mejor imagen, volvere asi q pueda me encanto este paraiso
I remember that bridge!
Judging from the comments, visitors have fond memories of this bridge. We hope that future visitors will also enjoy this beautiful part of Argentina!

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