Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lazy Summer Afternoons

Everything is smelling fresh after the beautiful rain that we have had yesterday and today. It washes all the dust and dirt away. I decided to take a stroll down to the river this afternoon to see how full it is and how strong the water is running.

The sun was just about to go under and I saw my friend Norma sitting in the water and just enjoying the lazy summer afternoons. The water was a little cold after the rain but that didn`t prevent the children and the other adults from enjoying the water.

I always enjoy a quick chat with my friend and she told me that the river is running very strong and that a dog got swept away this afternoon when he tried to cross the river. How sad is that? I hope they will be able to find him.

Next weekend is a long weekend in Argentina and we are inviting you to come and enjoy our beautiful river and nature. It is also Carnival weekend - a jam packed weekend!

Feriado: 9,10 y 11 de Febrero. Todavia tenemos disponibilidad.

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